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Anxiety Free Dentistry

You don’t have to be scared of the dentist. We offer sedative dentistry procedure options that eliminate the anxiety some experience during a dental visit.



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You don’t have to be scared of the dentist.

If the thought of sitting in a dental procedure chair is too much for you to handle, then you’re not alone. Nearly 50% of all patients experience nervousness or uncomfortable feelings about visiting the dentist.

Ghareeb Dental Group wants to make you feel as comfortable as possible so we offer Oral Conscious Sedation to patients that require some assistance in overcoming their apprehension.

Oral Conscious Sedation includes:

  • One pill taken an hour before your procedure
  • An opportunity for all of your dental work to be completed in one visit
  • Safety measures such as blood pressure and pulse monitoring
  • An opportunity to sleep through your entire procedure

Most patients remember very little about the visit and have pleasant experiences with Oral Conscious Sedation.

For your safety, you must have someone bring you to your appointment and have someone take you home after your appointment. The sedation usually wears off shortly after your visit.